Below you may find a list with the most frequently asked questions regarding MNPR


  1. Can I render in a non-photorealistic style with Arnold, Mental-ray or any other ray-trace/offline renderer?
    • No, at least not directly within Maya. Offline renderers work differently than the real-time renderer on which MNPR is based upon.
  2. Why does my playblast look puple/blue with artefacts?
    • This is most likely because the color depth of the render targets is set to 16bit. To avoid artefacts when playblasting, enter the config node and set the color depth to 32bit. You should be able to playblast normally then.


  1. When can we expect to have new updates?
    • This depends on how free the developers are to invest the time to add features.
  2. Is it possible to use the style with another software (3ds Max, C4D, Blender)?
    • MNPR was created solely for use in Maya. You would need to implement it in other specific software.
  3. Can I contribute to making this framework better?
    • Yes, of course you can! Just fork the repository on Github, make you improvements and create a pull request to the main branch.


  1. May I use the system for my own project?
    • Yes, MNPR is governed by the MIT open source license, which enables you to use the system without restrictions.
  2. May I have a look at the source code?