The Basics

Installing MNPR

Learn how to install and load the test scene in MNPR.

Upgrading older versions to MNPR

Learn how to port the assets that used previous version of the Watercolor system.

Levels of Control

Style presets and global effect controls

Learn how to load and create your own style presets and to configure the global effect controls.

Material presets and material control

Learn how to load and create your own material presets and fully customize the MNPR material.

Material effects control - NoiseFX

Learn how to manipulate the effects at the material level of control using noises.

Vertex effects control - PaintFX

Learn how to paint different effects onto your objects and take advantage of vertex selection tools.

Proxy control

Learn how to use proxies to control the stylization with invisible objects in your scene.


Color management, rendering and remaining shelf tools

Learn about color management in MNPR, how to render screenshots and playblast

MNPR Workflow

Take a look into how Santiago uses MNPR and his stylization workflow.