Installing MNPR is straightforward:

    1. Extract the MNPR folder anywhere
    2. Drag and drop the install.mel file into the viewport
    3. Wait for MNPR to install and restart Maya

Still unsure how to install MNPR? Watch the short video --->

Installation FAQ

I can’t get the system to install using the install.mel file, what can I do?

There are two ways of manually installing MNPR:

Solution 1: Temporarily remove the content in the Maya environment file

    1. Copy the existing content of Maya.env to another file
    2. Clear all the environment variables (which you have copied over already for backup) and save the file
    3. Drag and drop the install.mel file again into the Maya viewport -> it should install successfully then
    4. Merge the other environment variables with the new ones in the Maya.env file and save.
    5. Restart Maya

Solution 2: Insert the system paths manually to the Maya environment

  • Enter the following environment variables into Maya (make sure the shelf path is the first environment variable)
  • If your are on Windows, run this mel script: setRenderingEngineInModelPanel "DirectX11"
  • Restart Maya